The first Team Building Event in the last month of the Entrepreneur Program was a little bit different. On Friday, August 9th, five members of the EP sallied out to the Sanitas Leisure Park in Kigali to play “Bubble Soccer”. This modern interpretation of soccer is played in almost human-height air bubbles. Those bubbles will protect you from any harm and they will add 200% more fun to a rather amateurish soccer game. 

Expecting it to be unexacting, we went there in jeans and sweatshirt just to realize that bouncing around with a minimum of control can be exhausting too! Nevertheless the two teams gave their best to win the trophy after a best-of-three tournament with three different kinds of games.

It started off with a “usual” soccer game (of course in Bubbles), although it was more likely a fight than a game. After a while players were not even safe from their teammates due to the circumstance that it was hard to see through the plastic bubbles. Moreover, it was just more fun hitting people and bouncing on the court than trying to actually win the game.

The second game focused on the team building part of the event. The goal of the second game was to get all of the team members behind the baseline of the opposite team, of course, both teams had to start simultaneously. The first group to reach the opposite line wins. Being selfish and stubborn was not the path to victory in this game but helping your teammates and not letting people behind.

Because both teams equally brought home one win out of the first two games a third game had to decide the trophy’s winner. This game was played without bubbles because breathing got very hard and also the temperature in the bubbles increased with time. Therefore we played a normal game of  frisbee during which you have to get the frisbee behind the opposing team’s line. The only rules where to not walk while holding the frisbee and that the other team gets the frisbee if the very one falls on the ground. 

We very much enjoyed all of the games and we continued playing around with the bubbles and having fun with the frisbee. Afterwards we let the evening die away with some drinks and some good memories about the Team Building Event!

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